"By writing or reading obituaries, we can discover ways to make our time on earth more worthwhile, more productive, more meaningful to others."
Alana Baranick, "Life on the Death Beat"

"'I always read the obituaries in The Times,' I explained to her. 'They make me bloody glad to be alive.'"
John Mortimer, "Rumpole's Return"

Ruby Garrett

The last madam in Butte, Montana -- via the Washington Post.

Noboru Ishiguro

Animator -- via animenewsnetwork.com.

Yuri Razuvaev

Great chess player, author and coach; historian -- via chessbase.com.

Bob Henry

TV producer and director -- via the L.A. Times. He worked on the Nat King Cole and Flip Wilson shows. Plus, he started as a standup comic and radio host, which makes me love him even more!

Steve Schofer

Bassist -- via the Sacramento Bee. A long-time member of Mick Martin and the Blues Rockers.

Robert Fuest

Director, screenwriter and production designer -- via wearemoviegeeks.com. Made his mark first as an art director on "The Avengers" TV series; later directed many of the best episodes of same. Directed both of the "Phibes" films, each a campy cult horror classic.

Bijan Chowdhury

Artist -- via the Times of India.

Andy Brown

Guitarist -- via New Zimbabwe.

Jalal Zolfonun

Setar player -- via presstv.ir.

Hanne Borchsenius

Actress -- via danskefilm.dk.

Samuel Glazer

Co-founder of Mr. Coffee; popularizer of the home drip coffee maker -- via the New York Times. God bless you, sir! I lift my cup of joe in your honor.

Mel Parnell

Former Red Sox pitcher -- via the New York Times. Most wins for a southpaw pitcher for the BoSox.

Murray Lender

Bagelmeister -- via the New York Post.

Tamas Pinter

Actor and stuntman -- via westernboothill.blogspot.com.

Eileen McDonough

Actress -- via westernboothill.blogspot.com.

Ulu Grosbard

Great theatrical and film director -- via the New York Times. Stage: "The Subject Was Roses," "The Investigation," "The Price," "American Buffalo," the Duvall "View from a Bridge." Film: "The Subject Was Roses," "Straight Time," "True Confessions."

Tonino Guerra

Poet, writer and screenwriter -- via en.ria.ru. He wrote more than 100 screenplays, including many classic films -- "Blow-up," "Nostalghia," "Amarcord," "Red Desert," "The 10th Victim," "L'Aventtura," "La notte," and "L'eclisse."

Francisco "Paco" Valladares

Actor -- via westernboothill.blogspot.com.

Rudy Ricci

Writer, filmmaker and actor -- via the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

John Bisom

Actor -- via Broadway World.

Medill Barnes

Co-founder of the Straight Creek Journal -- via the Denver Post.

Michel Duchaussoy

Actor -- via the Independent.

Jerry Albert

Amusement park owner -- via the L Magazine. He co-founded Coney Island's Astroland with his father Dewey in 1964.

Dave Philley

Former MLB outfielder -- via MLB.com. Great on defense, and still holds the AL record for pinch-hits in a season -- 24 in 1961. Philley was on the Indians team that played the Giants in Game One of the 1954 World Series, during which Willie Mays made his famous over-the-shoulder catch.

Melva Niles Barborka

Singer, dancer and actress -- via the Salt Lake Tribune.

Louise Burke

Environmental activist and preservationist -- via the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Cris Alexander

(From left) Cris Alexander, John Battles and Adolf Green in the original production of "On the Town."
Actor and photographer -- via TheaterMania.

Takaai Yohimoto

Poet, literary and cultural critic, social activist and writer -- via the Japan Times.

Herbert Carl "Hub" "Tuny" Andrews

Former MLB pitcher -- via the Dodge City Daily Globe.

Enrico Menczer

Cinematographer -- via westernsallitaliana.blogspot.com.

Dennis Bowen

Actor -- via westernboothill.blogspot.com.

Jose "Pepe" Rubio

Actor -- The Delta World.

Faith Brook

Actress on stage, in film and on television -- via the Telegraph.

Miguel Iglesia

Cult film director -- via westernboothill.blogspot.com.

Jay McMullen

Pioneering investigative journalist for television -- via the New York Times.

George Kerchner

D-Day hero -- via the New York Times.

Noble Fleming

Tea taster -- via the New York Times.