"By writing or reading obituaries, we can discover ways to make our time on earth more worthwhile, more productive, more meaningful to others."
Alana Baranick, "Life on the Death Beat"

"'I always read the obituaries in The Times,' I explained to her. 'They make me bloody glad to be alive.'"
John Mortimer, "Rumpole's Return"

Marge Miley

Journalist -- via herself. She wrote her own obit, and did a darn good job.

Geoff Hollister

Runner and "Nike employee #3" -- via freshnessmag.com.

Parviz Rajabi

Historian -- via oanews.org.

Jiang Ying

Opera singer and music educator -- via news.xinhuanet.com.

Danny Clyburn

Former MLB outfielder -- via the Sporting News.

Marie Colvin

Journalist -- via The Guardian.

Remi Ochlik

Photojournalist -- via the New York Times.

Barney Rosset

Publisher -- via the New York Times. Under him, Grove Press printed most of the strange and forbidden works that entranced me growing up, including: Beckett, Ionesco, Genet, Malcom X, Lawrence, Miller, Ginsberg, Burroughs, Pinter, Brecht and Albee. God bless Barney!

Billy Strange

Guitarist, arranger and songwriter -- via the L.A. Times. A big sess"ion man and member of the Wrecking Crew; he played lead on "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'" and "Bang, Bang" -- and wrote "A Little Less Conversation" and "Limbo Rock."

Frank Carson

Comedian -- via the Guardian.

O.P. Dutta

Director, writer and producer -- via the Hindustan Times.

Morgan Jones

Character actor -- via Variety.

Baykal Kent

Comedian -- via todayszaman.com.

Dave Maynard

Broadcaster -- via boston.com.

William Theophilus Brown

Painter -- via the Huffington Post.