"By writing or reading obituaries, we can discover ways to make our time on earth more worthwhile, more productive, more meaningful to others."
Alana Baranick, "Life on the Death Beat"

"'I always read the obituaries in The Times,' I explained to her. 'They make me bloody glad to be alive.'"
John Mortimer, "Rumpole's Return"

Tony Judt

Masterful historian and writer -- via the New York Times

Phelps Collins aka Catfish

Rhythm guitarist was underrated funkmaster who played with James Brown, Parliament -- older brother to Bootsy -- via Cincinnati.com

Martin Drew

Jazz drummer -- via the Independent

Great obituary site found -- Life in Legacy

Here's a wonderful and educational compilation of information and links regarding the recently deceased. Check it out!

Harry Klein

Great British jazz saxophonist -- via the Guardian. You've all heard him, even if you don't know him -- he played on the Beatles' "White Album"!

Clara Claiborne Park

She helped to raise awarenesss of and act on the behalf of the autistic -- via the Guardian

Joseph Kahn

He fought the fascists -- via the Guardian

James P. Hogan

Science fiction writer -- via the Guardian

Victor de la Fuente

Cartoonist and illustrator -- via the Guardian

Makh Daniels

Vocalist for Early Graves -- via punknews

John Paynter

Innovative music educator -- via the Guardian

L.W. "Bill" Lane Jr.

Publisher of Sunset magazine was ardent environmentalist -- via the L.A. Times

Robert Tharpe

He did the boogaloo! Via alt.groups.obits and the Chicago Sun-Times

Reginald Levy

Airline pilot who was pivotal in thwarting 1972 hijacking -- via the New York Times

Morton Steinberg

Chicago deli man -- via the Chicago Tribune

Thomoas C. Peebles

He eliminated measles -- via the New York Times

Robin King

Author, illustrator, radio host, and voiceover artist -- via the alt.groups.obits and San Francisco Chronicle

Robert N. Chanock

Prominent virologist -- via the New York Times

Fritz Teufel

German radical with a wacky sense of humor -- via the Telegraph

Mitch Jayne

Bassist of The Dillards -- via John Trout's Bluegrass World. Best known to most as the Darlings in "The Andy Griffith Show," The Dillards pioneered electrified bluegrass and founded the California sound that morphed into country rock.

Bernie West aka Bernard Wessler

Sitcom writer started out as comedian -- via the L.A. Times

Chris Dagley

British jazz drummer -- via Jazzwise

Derf Scratch aka Frederick Milner III

Bassist for Fear -- via Pitchfork

David William

Former Stratford Shakespeare Festival director -- via lfpress. Here's a nice, thorough appreciation of him from the Telegraph --

Bobby Hebb

The man who wrote and sang the hit "Sunny" -- via the L.A. Times

Morrie Yohai

The man who invented Cheez Doodles -- via the New York Times

Robert F. Boyle

Genius film art director worked extensively with Hitchcock -- via the New York Times

Robert Boyle Accepts an Honorary Oscar
Uploaded by celebitchy. - Videos of family and friends from around the world.

Dan Resin aka Dan Wrzesien

Actor who played Dr. Beeper in "Caddyshack," and the Ty-D-Bol man! Via the Philadelphia Inquirer

Jacques Montouroy

Humanitarian worker -- via Yahoo News

Frances Kuyper

"Cake lady" was innovator and pioneer in the decoration of baked goods -- via the L.A. Times

Alvin Boretz

Prolific writer for TV and radio -- via alt.obits and legacy.com

Tom Mankiewicz

Screenwriter, and expert script doctor -- via the L.A. Times

Mitch Miller

The old maestro -- musician, music producer and TV host -- via the New York Times. He was hopelessly corny, hated rock and roll, tried to get Sinatra to record novelty records. Yet he was immensely successful in music in the period between the Swing Era and rock and roll -- a time of syrupy ballads and overwrought crooning. He created and hosted "Sing Along with Mitch" in the early 1960s -- this hokey concept epitomized the suffocating whiteness we all yearned to escape from as kids. Still, I have the albums at home, and they did teach me the American song literture that predated the American Song Book. Follow the bouncing ball!

William Bowen Rogers

Documentary filmmaker with a unique niche -- he specialized in projects that were shown in museums. Via the Dallas Morning News

Joel Crager

One of the most distinctive announcers of network TV -- via musicradio77.com. Best remembered for his intros to the "ABC Sunday Night Movie" --

Suso Cecchi D’Amico

Brilliant Italian screenwriter who brought us such classics as "Bicycles Thieves," "Big Deal on Madonna Street" and "The Leopard" -- via the BBC